About Us

Fright At Home is your one stop shop for Halloween and horror inspired crafts and creations.

Haunt your house, plan your party, make small children cry – it’s up to you! I’m here to share with you the tools I have come up with while creating my own personal haunt – Grimm Gardens. Every fall we present our happy haunted graveyard to local visitors and host a party for friends around the big day. Over the years we have designed and created our own props, decorations, costumes, party games, recipes and more – now we are sharing them with you!

About Me

In looking for a creative outlet I stubbled across the wild world of blogging. As an artist, designer and writer I thought this would be the perfect medium to let out my personal creative energy outside of my day job as a graphic designer. I came up with a few ideas for blog topics but so much has already been done and the world doesn’t need yet another weight-loss or parenting blog.

Then it hit me! I’ve already created so much stuff for my personal Halloween decor and parties and plan on making so much more what better topic to cover! I quick search told me that, though many blogs have Halloween content around the holiday itself, there are very few actually devoted solely to Halloween D.I.Y. As it’s always either Halloween or almost Halloween in our house, I feel the world needs more spooky.

Yes, loving Halloween is a big chunk of my personality. My friends always tag me in spooky things online. I live a town away from Crystal Lake and grew up a block away from Elm Street. My first Horror movie was “Gremlins” when I was way too young to watch it – I still have my Gizmo puppet. I credit “Beetlejuice” for turning me on to the strange and unusual. My favorite ride at Disney World is the Haunted Mansion. I listen to dark fiction podcasts all day at work. That is to say, if scary is what you are looking for, you’re in good hands with me.