“Owl My Love” Printable Coloring Page

Is there anything more relaxing than coloring?

My kiddo and I took some time out tonight to color and watch Hotel Transylvania 3. Things have been crazy around here lately so sometimes it’s nice to slow down, snuggle up, and color.

I’ve had an owl painting on my wall for as long as I can remember – I’m not exactly sure where it came from, but I think it was from a sample sale at Leewards in the 80’s. Do any of you remember Leewards? My grandma was the creative director there until it was bought out by Michaels in the 90’s.

One of the perks of having a family member who worked there was that we got to go to sample sales! You crafters will love this. For one day we could go in the warehouse in Elgin where they would have all the over-stock crafts, supplies, materials, floor samples, and the like. All of which we would be able to purchase for super duper cheap. It was the best!

I used the painting as inspiration for this cute coloring page!

All you need is a printer, 8.5″ x 11″ letter sized paper, something to color with, and my FREE printable page – which can be found in my library.

Harrison decided his owls should be purple and pink!

While not specifically Halloween, these are great to print and give out to kids to keep them busy at parties or just on a random afternoon.

You’re welcome to print and distribute copies, but please do not share the pdf file. If you know someone who would like it please send them here!

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