CLUE Hunt Party Game

What’s your favorite board game? Mine is Clue! I also love the 1985 movie with Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd. In fact, the night after we moved into our house, Clue was the first movie that we watched along with a fire in our very own fireplace.

Every year we host some type of Halloween gathering, whether it be a full-blown party, dinner, movie night or craft party. When we have a party I like to have some sort of open game when people come in to encourage them to mingle and explore the house and the different activities in certain rooms. The best way I have found to do this is to have a hunt!

A couple years ago I came up with a Clue-themed hunt and it was a big hit. I’ve decided to spruce up the game materials a bit and offer them to you for free!

What You Will Need

First and foremost you will need my FREE printable game materials which includes: Suspect Invitations, Evidence Tags, and Game Sheets.

You can download the printable pdfs in my Free Resource Library. You will need a password to enter, if you do not yet have one please fill out the form below for instant access.

Optional Game Props

You can absolutely play this game with just the printable materials and a few pens and not have to buy anything BUT adding props does make it more authentic. You may even have most of the items needed in your home already!

NOTE: If you choose not to include props, use the included evidence tags alone. If you ARE using the props – attach the evidence tags so your players will know that the item they are looking at is part of the game!

How To Play

  1. Download my printable game materials. As everyone’s home is different I have left the rooms portion blank with customizable fields that you can fill out in acrobat before printing.
  2. Print out the game materials, make sure to print out enough game cards for all your guests. Cut as needed. I recommend using card stock for the invitations and evidence tags if you have it, but plain printer paper is fine too.
  3. Remove an invitation, weapon/evidence tag, and choose a room you WILL NOT be placing items in. This is your Murder, Weapon, and Crime Scene for the solution!
  4. Place the remaining items in the remaining rooms from your custom list. I suggest placing them in places that guests can find without opening or moving any of your belongings, but don’t make it too obvious.
  5. Set out the game cards and pens for players to grab when they arrive at your party. Give them a low-down of the rules and send them searching!
  6. It’s up to you if you want to provide a prize or just offer bragging rights. This is a great game for parties or game nights to keep people occupied as everyone is arriving.


  1. Thank you for this clever party idea! I wanted to do something Clue related without an involved dinner-murder-mystery-party and this is perfect.

    • The invitations represent the suspects so you will take one out (the killer) and hide the rest throughout your house just like the murder weapons.

  2. Would you mind sending the link to me please? This sounds like fun! Trying to find things for me and my teenagers to do at home 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer,

      This would be a great game for people stuck inside! You can download the file in the library:

      Have fun!

    • Hello, the printable can be found in the library – . Put in the password to enter – it can be found in the games section.

  3. HI, how do you exclude rooms to determine that wasn’t the site of the crime if you don’t
    have something for them to find?

    • Hi Angie,

      I’m not sure that I understand your question, but I will try to help. The “Scene of the Crime” is the one room in which you do not hide an invitation and/or a murder weapon – because it’s been cleaned of all evidence by the “murderer.” You exclude the rooms in which you DO find other evidence. This is why I left the room spots blank on the playing card, so you can customize to your home. I hope that helps!


  4. Hi, So do the guests just walk around searching for the cards in each room. Whoever finds all the cards the fastest and knows the answer just makes an announcement?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      The cards are hidden around the home, except for in one room – that is the scene of the crime. One weapon and one invitation are also left out – these are the murder weapon and murderer. The guests will find the items throughout the home to deduct the “who, what, and where”, just like the game.

      When the guests figure out the answer, they would go to the host to confirm. It’s up to you how you want to “end” the game. You can choose to have a winner, which would be the person who finds the correct answer first, or you can give a small prize to anyone who is able to find the answer.

      Hope you have fun!

  5. I am a teacher and think this would be a great game to use in the classroom. I am having a little trouble adapting it to the classroom where it can be fun and educational at the same time. Can anyone give me some ideas. I teach 4th and 5th graders.

    • As long as you are comfortable with the kids searching for *fake* weapons it should be fine. It’s basically just a scavenger hunt. If they are old enough to play the Clue board game they are old enough for this. 🙂

  6. is there any way to have more people and weapons and rooms because I’m trying to do this for my party but I have 11 people and there are only 6 characters

    • This is meant to be played as a scavenger hunt so the number of players doesn’t matter – they are not playing the characters. You’re probably looking more for a murder mystery party kit, which I don’t currently have but I’m sure you could find something cool on Pinterest or google.

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