Monster Party Playlist

Have you been looking for some new tunes for your Halloween Party beyond the usual “Thriller” and “Monster Mash”? Maybe you’re planning a Classic Monster Movie Marathon with my handy viewing guide and need some music for pre-feature cocktail hour.

I’ve done the hard work of listening to a bunch of fun songs and picking out the best ones. I do all this for you, dear readers, because I love you so much and not because I love making playlists.

There is a good mix here, I think. A bit of pop, a bit of rock, some alternative, a little dance, and even some blues.

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“Calling All The Monsters” by China Anne McClain

If you're only dreaming', why I hear ya screamin'?
Tonight, all the monsters gonna dance

“Frankenstein” by Lenny Kravitz

You say that I'm your baby
But I feel like Frankenstein
I need love

“Monster” by Imagine Dragons

If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seem dangerous
Would you be scared?

“Vampire Blues” by Loudon Wainwright III

What type blood you got baby
I gotta know, I gotta know
What type blood you got baby
Yeah I gotta know
Is it A, AB
Or is it O?

“Wolfman” by The UFO Club

It's a full moon baby
Don't you worry
It's alright

“Monster” by Skillet

I hate what I've become
The nightmare's just begun
I must confess
That I feel like a monster

“Dracula” by Sharon Needles

Impale by the kiss of death
Our first Ad was my last breath
Set in stone under your control
I almost think I have a soul

“Vampire” by Nitemayor

I can feel in on the midnight city
On my tongue, it was across my teeth
Got a flavor for the young and pretty
Oh, tonight's gonna get the best of me

“Black Lagoon” by Still Corners

Running back into the tide
Sapphire eyes up the southern night
We swim with the moon
To an island in the black lagoon

“Dracula” by Bea Miller

I am a night owl, I've come alive
I'll make the sun go down so I can see you out
Straight to the underground

“Creature” by Tijuana Panthers

My nights they run into the daylight
My days they don't, don't feel right
I'm just a creature
Creature of the night

“Werewolf” by Cat Power

Once I saw him in the moonlight
When the bats were flying
I saw the werewolf
And the werewolf was crying

“Transylvanian Concubine” by Rasputina

Sorrow is their master
Cackling with laughter
Now he's having just one piece of
Cakey is their make up
Catholics try to shake up
All the things that form their lives but they're dead

“Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” by David Bowie

Well, she could've been a killer if she didn't walk the way she do
And she do
She opened strange doors that we'd never close again

“Nosferatu” by Blue Oyster Cult

Only a woman can break his spell
Pure in heart, who will offer herself
To Nosferatu?

“Die Monster Die” by The Misfits

Let’s end this thing right with the perfect battle anthem for all the hunters, slayers, and vigilantes out there.

First things first, Ms. Monroe rises from the dead
The henchmen came, knocked down the door
To my never never world

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