Easy Fake Fire Tutorial

Welcome to the second in my four part witch’s cauldron series – Easy Fake Fire Prop Tutorial for Halloween. If you missed part one, “Make a Black Plastic Cauldron Look Old and Used”, go here to view. Combining these two tutorials will give you a cool Witch’s Cauldron you can use as a decoration or a prop to match your costume.

As with the last post, I’ve tried to make this project as easy and cheap as possible. There are a bunch of tutorials on using foam to make burning embers – they look really cool, but kinda messy. I wanted to make something easy enough for kids to help with!

Easy Fake Fire Prop Supplies

Supplies needed to make easy fake fire


Lights under plastic for safety

Place the lights under the plastic container. This is for safety as they will get hot and we don’t want the tissue paper to light on fire. Depending on the surface you plan to place the prop on you may want to put a plastic sheet or cutting board under it too. Always supervise props that feature electricity and water – I am not responsible if you burn your house down.

Make easy fake fire with tissue paper

Scrunch the tissue paper and place over the plastic container. I used one piece of yellow and once piece of orange.

Cauldron prop on fake fire

Place cauldron on top.

Placement of mister in cauldron

Place cup upside down in cauldron and put the mister on top. Add water – to the top of the mister, the cup will probably move around until you fill it with water as well.

Witch's Cauldron with Easy Fake Fire

Plug it in and turn off the lights! At this point you can move the tissue paper it to achieve the look you want.

That’s it! So simple right?! I hope you enjoyed my Easy Fake Fire Prop Tutorial for Halloween. Now go and make one yourself! It looks super cool with the lights off surrounded by potion ingredients and other creepy stuff.

Next week we are going to be making Witch’s Brew Mason Jars so be sure to check back!

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  1. Hi I read your post as I was curious how you created the fire look. In recent years I’ve made a life like witch from a step ladder dowel rods witch mask and hat w hair attached to it and I made a cape to drape around the ladder. It was approximately 3 ft tall and had a caldron pot that looked similar to yours. However instead of using tissue paper dyeto fire Hazzard I used the colored plastic wrap (like you use to wrap gift bakets) it’s available atcraft stores in all colors. I used red and yellow fir the fire look and instead of a fogger I put green lights in the pot and filled w bubble wrap w some wrap over lapping the pot. When plugged in at night it appeared to believing green. The witch looked like she was stirrinhher brew s d very life like. I wish I had a pic handy to attach it you but I can’t find one right now. I used to live next to a school and received all kind of compliments on my Halloween decorations and some children even though the witch was real and afraid to come to close…lol. I like your me ty his of putting the lights under a bowl and inside a wreath. I draped my lights over real small cut wood logs and stuffed the plastic wrap I around the pot so that it looked like flames clicking up it. I will definitely betraying if your way next time. In fact it makes me want to join outsnd msje my witch before tomorrow night.

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